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Today, PDAs, smartphones, tablets, social networks are innovations to services that professional and personal computing. The user becomes a consumer of services computing turnkey in his daily work. Facing these challenges, Information systems managers must provide their users with complete, high-performance solutions and the lowest costs.

In this context, we support the directors of Information systems in this transformation through two major themes: the evolution of work environment (End User Computing) and the implementation of services for the use and consumption (Cloud Computing). We bring our expertise on the pilotage of the transformation (projects, change management), solutions (Enterprise architecture and cloud computing) architecture, the transformation of infrastructures (evolution of the position of work, collaborative solutions, optimization of the data-center) and security.

The catalogue of news services meets the main issues of its customers:

  • How to integrate mobility into my organization?
  • Impact of mobility on my offers of services for my clients?
  • How to create seamless relationship?
  • Which platform?
  • What methods for the development of projects?
  • How to follow the projects?
  • Organization of production of services put in place?
  • How to mount skills on these projects?
  • How to integrate this new media safely in my if?